• Toronto
  • Based on Experience
  • Full-Time Position

Team Lead, Trust Compliance

  • Toronto
  • Based on Experience
  • Full-Time Position


The Team Lead, Trust Compliance provides leadership, guidance and support to the Trust Compliance team and oversees the timely processing of annual licence renewal and financial submissions, and the monitoring of care and maintenance and prepaid trust funds.

The Team Lead is responsible for the maintenance of data integrity and is the go-to source for all reports related to financial submissions of BAO licensees.

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  • Manages the trust compliance team (3 direct reports) providing guidance for workload delegation and expectations.
  • Monitors and processes, with the team, annual licence renewal applications (ALR Form 1).
  • Monitors and processes, with the team, annual reporting submissions of about 3000 licensed operators who currently hold approximately $4 billion dollars in care and maintenance (ALR Form 2) and prepaid trust funds (Report of Prepaid Funds and audit, when applicable).
  • Conducts reviews of all cemetery operators who are required to submit audited financial statements with their trust funds and prepaid trust reports (“Large” cemetery operators).
  • Ensures that the accounting practices of trust deposits and investments regarding cemetery care and maintenance trust funds and consumers’ prepaid trust funds are in compliance with the requirements of the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002.
  • Identifies non-compliance and variances in reporting which may indicate organization risk and potential harm to consumers. Reports licensees who are ‘at risk’ and require further scrutiny.
  • Acts as the main point of contact for escalations to the compliance department for inspections or investigations related to financial fraud and trust fund mismanagement.
  • Reviews requests to transfer care and maintenance trust funds to a new trustee/financial institution and applications for consent to release capital from the care and maintenance trust fund; ensures compliance with legislative requirements and makes recommendations for their approval or denial.
  • Ensures that the team responds appropriately to all trust-related inquiries and provides guidance to resolve non-compliance issues in a timely manner.
  • Creates and/or amends policies, procedures, processes, forms and training materials to support the trust compliance program and makes recommendations for database modifications to improve organization and efficiency within the team.


  • Five years of experience managing and motivating a team of people
  • Post-secondary education with an accounting and/or finance focus
  • Excellent understanding of current financial investment methods
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Strong technical/database proficiency, with a focus on extracting data and data integrity
  • Specific proficiency using MS Excel
  • Knowledge of the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002 and experience in cemetery administration would be an asset



Responsible for protecting confidential information, sensitive financial data and/or licensee information.

Contact with Customers

Consistently meets or speaks with licensees. Deals with common and recurring licensee concerns and problems, taking personal responsibility for their immediate resolution. Tactfully manages licensee expectations when resources are limited. Accessible to licensees and keeps them informed. Responds promptly to deal with changing needs or special requests. Handles complaints in a professional and courteous manner.


Speaks articulately and writes professionally using appropriate technical and industry terminology; is effectively understood by peers, superiors and subordinates. Prepares, delivers and follows up on multi-media presentations to small groups. Speaks and writes clear, basic English.


Translates workplace and personal observations to formulate ideas on how to ‘test new ground’; takes on new challenges voluntarily. Identifies strengths and weaknesses in individual and group skills. Sets up systems for evaluation and recommendations among employees. Looks for improvement opportunities. Brings forward ideas in an appropriate setting (e.g. staff meetings, strategic planning sessions etc.)


Job duties require regular interaction with the public. Interactions may impact their perceptions of the organization and influence their willingness to conduct business with the BAO.

Interpersonal Skills

Responsibilities include regular contact with staff and licensees, in the normal functioning of the position. May have occasional contact with consumers. Building and maintaining relationships is an important component of this job and requires the incumbent to facilitate connections between and among licensees. Visible demonstrations of integrity and ethical behaviour are integral to the position.


Provides challenge and guidance for others that is instrumental in achieving important organizational goals. Agrees with others on general and specific objectives and tasks and documents them. Ensures employees’ development needs are met. Demonstrates care about employees and manages their work satisfaction. Attracts, retains and develops staff. Shows
effort at motivating others.

Problem Solving

Uses broad judgement to solve complex problems. Generates solutions that benefit more than just the organization. Demonstrates effectively applying deductive, inductive and intuitive reasoning. Consistently measures acceptability and effectiveness of optional solutions. Deals effectively with a moderate amount of ambiguity and a lack of clarity.


Understands the principles of team building and teamwork; knows the limitations of using teams; knows the factors that enable and prevent teams from being effective; understands factors which impact on group dynamics, and the key stages of team development in work units.

Apply at hr@thebao.ca

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