Call for Nominations for BAO Advisory Committee Members

As part of its governance structure, the BAO has a Board of Directors (Board) that is supported by three Advisory Committees. These volunteer committees are comprised of sector and consumer representatives who provide the Board and the CEO/Registrar with expert advice on matters affecting the bereavement sector.

– Funeral and Transfer Service Advisory Committee
– Cemetery, Crematorium and Municipal Advisory Committee
– Faith-Based Advisory Committee

Open Positions

In August 2020, several Advisory Committee member terms expire. This provides an opportunity for others to get involved.

The Bereavement Authority of Ontario invites eligible candidates to apply for the following open Advisory Committee member positions:

Funeral and Transfer Service Advisory Committee (3 open member positions)
          – Two (2) large Population Funeral Director or Operator
          – One (1) medium Population Funeral Director or Operator
Cemetery, Crematorium and Municipal Advisory Committee (3 open member positions)
          – One (1) small Cemetery Operator
          – One (1) municipal Cemetery Operator
          – One (1) consumer representative
Faith-based Advisory Committee (4 open member positions)
          – One (1) representative from the Muslim faith
          – One (1) representative from the Hindu faith
          – One (1) representative from the Sikh faith
          – One (1) representative from the Orthodox Christian faith

Terms of Office

The term of office for Advisory Committee members is 2 or 3 years to a maximum of six (6) years, with no eligibility to serve a further term.

Nomination Process

A Governance and Nominations Committee comprised of members of the Board will review applications from candidates to serve on the Advisory Committees. Those candidates that best meet the criteria outlined in the committee Terms of Reference and that are felt to be most qualified will be recommended to the Board, for appointment to the appropriate Advisory Committee. Candidates will be drawn from a cross-section of designated sectors, geographical regions and religious affinity (where applicable), as outlined in the eligibility requirements listed within each committee Terms of Reference:

Application Process

If you are interested in applying, please complete an Application for Appointment to Advisory Committee, accompanied by a resume and two letters of support from individuals, associations or religious organizations from the same sector as the committee being applied for. Nominee phone interviews may be conducted, as needed.

By email:

By mail:
Bereavement Authority of Ontario
Attn: Governance and Nominations Committee
100 Sheppard Ave East, Suite 505 Toronto, ON, M2N 6N5

Expected Contribution

– Attendance at a minimum of 2 committee meetings per year (a delegate cannot be sent to replace a member)
– Participation on ad hoc conference calls as required
– Thorough preparation for meetings
– Timely response to committee communications


Participation on an Advisory Committee is a volunteer endeavor. While the BAO does not pay committee members a per diem, it does reimburse for travel and out-of-pocket expenses associated with attendance at meetings or special functions in accordance with the BAO Expense Policy.

Nomination Timeline

– Advisory Committee Member application submission deadline: April 30, 2020
– Application review: June 2020
– Phone interviews: June 2020
– Advisory Committee Confirmation Announcement: July 2020
– First committee meeting: TBA


For more details on the composition, roles and responsibilities and overall structure of the Advisory Committees, click here to access the BAO By-law. For the Governance and Nomination Committee Terms of Reference, click here. For all other questions, call Lisa Padgett, Manager of the Office of the CEO/Registrar and Board of Directors, at 647-483-2691 or by email at

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