Immediate Licence Suspension and Proposal to Revoke – Dan Hammond and Hammond Funeral Home

On October 22, 2018, the Registrar, Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002 (FBCSA) issued a Notice of Proposal to Revoke and an Order to Immediately Suspend the Funeral Director – Class 1 licence of Dan Hammond and the Funeral Establishment – Class 1 licence of Hammond Funeral Home. The licensee is prohibited from providing, selling or holding itself out as available to sell any funeral services.

In addition, the Director, FBCSA, has issued a Freeze Order pursuant to Section 72 of the Act, thereby freezing bank and trust accounts of Hammond Funeral Home.

The grounds for these actions involve allegations of financial misconduct and failure to respond to the Registrar. The Notice of Proposal and Immediate Suspension Order were deemed necessary as the conduct of the licensee and the licensed establishment is believed to be inconsistent with the intention and objective of the FBCSA and warrants disentitlement to licensure under the FBCSA.

Consumer and other persons with questions or concerns are urged to contact the Bereavement Authority of Ontario by email at or by phone by calling (647) 483- 2645 or toll-free at 1-844-493-6356.


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