Notice to the Profession – Pending Licence Expirations

The Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO) reminds all licensees that they must renew their operator and/or personal licences, together with the applicable fee, before the date shown on the licence.

-Licences for Funeral Establishments, Funeral Directors, Transfer Service Operators and Funeral Preplanners expire on December 31, 2018.

-Sales Representative licences expire throughout the calendar year.

-Cemetery and Crematorium Operator licences are renewed by the submission of their Annual Licensure Reports within 3 months of the operator’s fiscal year end (i.e., the licence expires on that date). The submission of the Annual Licensure Report is considered the application for renewal. 

The BAO is required by legislation to treat late applications as expired. Under those circumstances, the application must be treated as a new licence application, with all the many prerequisites that are required to accompany an application. 

Failure to renew a licence on time (i.e., expiration) means that the holder of the licence is not legally permitted to sell or offer to sell, or hold themselves out as available to sell, licensed supplies/services. Renewals are simple and, in many circumstances, may be easily completed online. Our office will also receive hardcopies of applications should you choose to personally deliver applications or send them by mail/courier. 

Please contact the BAO if you have any questions or inquiries at 647-483-2645 or toll-free at 1-844-493-6356 or at

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