QA Death Registrations

Question 1. Are municipalities going to be ordered to accept a Statement of Death with an electronic signature?

Answer 1 Yes. We understand that they have been notified of the change in process by the Deputy Registrar General, Vital Statistics Act. Municipalities can use electronic means to receive Form 15 & 16 to obtain a burial permit. Communicate with your local divisional registrar/clerk to confirm that they are equipped to do this. Documents with ink signatures must be delivered to the municipality at least once a week.

Q2. Our local municipality is not using the temporary measures for registering deaths as outlined Office of the Registrar General’s (ORG) April 6, 2020 memo. i.e. electronic/fax filing. What is my recourse?

A2. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the program’s Team Lead at 807-343-7612.  Keep in mind that although municipalities have the authority to transact electronically, they may not have the ability. Many municipal clerks are working from home and may not have the technology.

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