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Question 1. Embalming of COVID-19 deceased, or when the virus is suspected, should we continue to provide this option?

Answer 1. Yes. Please also discourage open caskets and family touching the decedent. Please also note that burials, cremations or hydrolysis dispositions must take place as soon as possible during the pandemic.

Q2. Is there any concern transferring two deceased or more at one timeif your vehicle is capable?

A2. You can transport two or more deceased in one vehicle at the same time as long as the dignity of the deceased is maintained.

Q3. Can the cemetery contract pallbearers and add it to their opening and closing costs?
The cemetery may offer pallbearer services for a fee. However, it must be optional and must be clearly described on its price list. It is a separate cost from the opening and closing price.

Q4. Due to expedited burial requirements, will cemeteries be required to waive their Saturday and holiday surcharges?

A4. They should not charge their weekend and holiday surcharges to do burials on Saturdays or Sundays during the pandemic. The Registrar has ordered that cemeteries be ready to do 24/7 burials, if needed, to prevent stockpiling.

Q5. Shrouding of a body – is it safe?

A5. It can be safe – but only if you are sure the deceased was not a COVID-19 victim. Respiratory droplets can be released from the deceased’s body. The COVID-19 Virus  stays alive for three to seven days.

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