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Regulatory Compliance


Intended to offer funeral professionals with support and guidance on regulatory matters, the Bereavement Authority of Ontario’s Compliance team conducts regular inspections at funeral establishments and transfer services throughout Ontario.

Throughout the process funeral professionals are encouraged to ask questions about existing practices in an effort to pre-empt the possibility of future complaints.

The Compliance team is also available for consultation by telephone or email:

Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program is a voluntary initiative that is intended to assist funeral establishment operators and transfer service operators who have significant non-compliance issues, in attaining compliance using an advisory approach with an aim of preventing disciplinary proceedings.

A peer reviewer conducts an onsite assessment of the operator’s practices with particular attention to those practices identified which led to regulatory deficiencies. The reviewer makes recommendations to the operator on how to revise practices and resolve non-compliance issues.

The intent of using the peer reviewer approach is to provide guidance to the operator in a non-threatening environment, removed from the Bereavement Authority of Ontario inspection process. Participants should view the program as an investment in their establishment rather than punitive. Operators suggested for enrolment in the practice review program, reasonably could expect that their current processes are deficient to the point that formal sanctions would normally follow unless changes are implemented.

Regulatory Tools

Routine Practice in the Bereavement Care Setting

The Routine Practice in the Bereavement Care Setting publication is designed to support the efforts of individuals working in funeral establishments, transfer services, cemeteries, and crematoriums throughout Ontario. Building on the knowledge and expertise of health care professionals, the document provides an in depth overview of Routine Practices, formerly referred to as Universal Precautions.

The Guide to Pre-planning Funerals In Ontario

The effective delivery of pre-need funeral services offers benefit to both consumers and licensees throughout Ontario. From a consumer perspective it provides firsthand insight into the value of funeral service and the importance of working with a knowledgeable and educated funeral professional. This unique interaction affords licensees the opportunity to share information related to the importance of preparing in advance which sets the stage for future interactions.

To address common challenges related to pre-need arrangements and to support licensee endeavors, the Bereavement Authority of Ontario has prepared the Guide to Preplanning Funerals in Ontario. The information presented considers inquiries, complaints, feedback, and inspection outcomes collected throughout recent years from stakeholders, licensees, and consumers.