Notice to the Profession: BAO recommends price list templates to support operators and enhance transparency for consumers

Thank you to all bereavement sector operators who have complied with provincial regulation and have been posting their price lists on their websites since July 1.

The Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO) is providing a set of six price list templates as a useful option for your consideration.

The six templates (in MSWord files) are in these categories:
1. Sample Price List For Funeral Establishment Operator – Class 1
2. Sample Price List For Transfer Service Operator – Class 1
3. Sample Price List For Transfer Service Operator – Class 2
4. Sample Price List For Cemetery Operator And Crematorium Operator
5. Sample Price List For Crematorium Operator
6. Sample Price List For Alternative Disposition (Hydrolysis) Operator

The BAO recommends that you make use of the ones that apply to your businesses. We hope these are helpful resources for your business.

Consumer protection

The price list templates have been developed by the BAO to support the sector and address a recommendation in the Auditor General’s Report that templates be developed to enhance price transparency, consumer understanding, and improve protection for consumers.

The BAO templates are a useful tool option for operators to help provide grieving families with a more effective means to compare prices of services and products.