Notice to the Profession: Chief Coroner’s message to Greater Toronto Area funeral service providers

The BAO is asking you to assist the Office of the Chief Coroner by storing deceased persons in your funeral homes’ facilities to ease pressures on the Forensic Services and Coroners Complex, which is operating close to its capacity during this holiday period.

Please read this message from
the Chief Coroner for Ontario Dr. Dirk Huyer: 

We need the assistance of funeral service professionals now to diminish pressures on our Forensic Services and Coroners Complex (FSCC), as it is operating close to capacity.

We are urgently asking that Greater Toronto Area funeral service providers serving families, who have deceased loved ones currently at the FSCC, to please arrange transfer of the deceased persons into your facilities rather than storing them at the FSCC.

We ask that you do this starting immediately for the next seven days.

We are in a critical situation and want to be sure we are able to provide good care over the holiday weekend.

We thank you for your professional support.


Dr. Dirk Huyer
Chief Coroner for Ontario