Notice to the Profession: Contact the BAO for support concerning disruptive issues at your facilities

We want our licensed operators and individual licensees to know that the Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO) is here to support you in dealing with operational issues concerning the safety of your customers and staff, as well as the security of your facilities and services.

Current wars and a constant stream of hostilities in many countries around the world can draw focus to cemeteries, funeral homes, crematoriums, or hydrolysis facilities across the province and in our communities. That attention could include actions disruptive to families coming to grieve a loved one at a cemetery or during a funeral service.

Disruptive issues

The disruptions may come in the form of protests, demonstrations, or targeted acts of hate at cemetery gravesites or other facilities. Such disruptive issues would negatively impact access and the respectful environment people rightly expect when they visit a bereavement facility.

We are looking to monitor such possible disruptions affecting all licensed bereavement facilities and request that you let us know. The BAO may then provide information and advice about what you can do in terms of restoring access and a respectful environment. We will also share information received from you with appropriate government officials or services, who may provide advice that we could pass on to you.

In short, we want to support you in maintaining peaceful, accessible and respectful services at your facilities.


For matters related to crimes or threats please continue to notify the police first, of course.

We remind all operators that you can close your facility at your discretion. This includes any safety concerns you may have. Please let us know immediately if you decide to do this at any time.

We also encourage you as operators and licensees to talk to us about any concerns regarding anything that could compromise your ability to serve the public.


If or when you are aware of disruptive issues occurring at your facility, please know that the BAO is here to support you. We encourage you to contact us. In fact, you can contact me directly at

– Jim Cassimatis,
Interim CEO/Registrar, BAO