Notice to the Profession: Office of the Chief Coroner announces the continuing deployment of its new electronic Case Management System in 3 more regions

Starting Monday, electronic Warrants for Postmortem and Warrants to Bury will start to be used for Death Investigations in:

  1. the Central West Region,
  2. the London Region,
  3. the Thunder Bay Region  

These documents will therefore not be transferred with the body to the Forensic Pathology units.

Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO) licensees will be alerted to attend at scenes as they have in the past. Licensees will receive electronic documents accordingly for Medical Certificates of Death and Warrants to Bury from coroners or the forensic pathology units.

The change to an electronic process for the documents is all part of the implementation of an integrated case management solution for Death Investigation cases in Ontario by the Office of the Chief Coroner (OCC) at the Ministry of the Solicitor General.

The initiative enhances the management of Death Investigations by gaining efficiencies with partners and providing a paperless solution across the province. The OCC and the ministry note that this paperless solution will further strengthen document transmission, security and confidentiality across partners and regional offices.

For any questions, BAO licensees may email:

Dr. Liz Urbanke
Regional Supervising Coroner – London Region

Dr. Ken Peckham
Regional Supervising Coroner – Central West Region

Dr. Michael Wilson
Regional Supervising Coroner – Thunder Bay Region