Show people you are Licensed by the BAO

The Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO) is introducing a digital badge for licensees to display with pride on the homepage of their websites and in their email signatures indicating they are licensed by the BAO.

“Being licensed by this provincially delegated administrative authority is something to be proud of. There are many regulations, directives, rules and hurdles you and your business have to clear to be licensed by the BAO,” says Carey Smith, CEO/Registrar of the BAO.

“So, we encourage you to display our Licensed by the BAO badge on your website, email signature and official documents. You’ve earned it and we would be proud if you display it,” Smith says to the BAO’s more than 5,300 licensees.

He added, “The extra diligence and work you as licensees have put into following all additional safety measures for families, visitors and your staff during the COVID-19 pandemic have been exemplary across the bereavement sector in Ontario.”

**The badge is only for use by licensees of the BAO.

Link to badge and printable version of this Notice to the Profession