Notice to the Profession: Transparency to consumers on services, products and fees is essential

The Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO) is reminding licensed business operators of their legal obligation to fully list all fees, services and products provided to consumers.
This includes itemizing administration fees for your services and products sold, as well as those supplied by third parties, relating to all supplies and services provided to grieving families. Disclosure of consideration and benefits received by you as the operator from third parties (such as referrals) is also required by law.  
Ensuring your customers fully understand the costs of the items on your price list is also essential and can go a long way toward customers understanding their contracts and associated invoicing.
Posting of your current price list for your funeral establishment, transfer service, cemetery, crematorium or hydrolysis facility on your business website and/or in print has been a legal requirement since July 1, 2021.
It follows that explaining the products and services sold to customers is a logical step for all BAO licensees. I strongly encourage you to outline and explain your prices and fees to consumers in addition to your price lists and contracts with them.
–Jim Cassimatis, CEO/Registrar