Colin Haskett

Director (A-AC)

Appointed Sept. 27, 2023 – Term expiry June 21, 2024

Colin Haskett is the President of Haskett Funeral Homes and an Officer at Southwest Crematoriums.
A licensed funeral director for more than 20 years, he was fortunate to work for three urban funeral companies, privately and corporately owned, prior to joining the family funeral business.
Colin is proud to be the fifth generation of his family to provide bereavement services in rural southwestern Ontario.
During the past two decades he has actively endeavoured to better understand and expand his role as a funeral director in the communities he serves. To that end, he has completed training as a Crematorium Operator, becoming a Certified Funeral Celebrant, and learning the skill of monument engraving.
Beyond his day to day, Colin has sharpened his board acumen with various leadership roles on governance and operations boards and committees in the bereavement sector and beyond.
He has also taken a keen interest in leading public presentations and is regularly asked to speak on a variety of topics.

Colin Haskett is also a member of this BAO Board committee:

  • Funeral & Transfer Services Advisory (Chair)
  • Governance and Nominations

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