BAO Registrar orders an eastern Ontario cemetery to stop selling licensed supplies and services

The Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO) Registrar has ordered a cemetery near Cornwall to immediately stop selling and offering to sell licensed supplies and/or services.

The order was made to Pleasant Valley Community Cemetery Board, in Ingleside in the Township of South Stormont, to ensure that the trust account, record keeping and reporting requirements upon licensed cemetery operators and other bereavement related licensees are done as required by law. (The trust account helps ensure the long-term upkeep of a cemetery in future years.)

The BAO has taken this action to protect grieving families, who are consumers of the bereavement sector. The order is pursuant to section 109 (7) Ontario Regulation 30/11 of the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002 (FBCSA).

As per reporting requirements under the FBCSA, the BAO’s order requires the Pleasant Valley Community Cemetery Board, 14563 Country Road 18, R.R.#3, Ingleside, to immediately cease:

  • Offering to sell licensed supplies and/or services
  • Selling licensed supplies or services
  • Arranging for and/or providing burial services to licensed funeral establishment operators and their staff, licensed crematorium operators and their staff and all members of the public

As of Aug. 26, 2022, the Pleasant Valley Community Cemetery Board has not yet complied with the BAO’s order.

Next steps available to the BAO are a Registrar’s action, which includes licence conditions, suspension, or revocation.

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Bereavement Authority of Ontario