Coroner’s Documents to Hospitals and LTC

Message from the Chief Coroner of Ontario
The purpose of this nine-page document is to provide an overview of electronic transfer of Medical Certificates of Death (MCOD) and Warrants to Bury a Body of a Deceased Person (WtoB) from Ontario coroners, to Ontario funeral directors and the Office of the Registrar General (ORG).
* Chief Coroner’s Message PDF
* Process map – Electronic Medical Certificates of Death PDF

The Chief Coroner for Ontario also hosted webinars April 9-12, 2020, on the Expedited Death Response (EDR) for hospitals and long-term care (LTC) facilities, as part of a systematic process to assist in responding to a potential surge in COVID-19 related deaths.

For reference by the BAO’s funeral homes, funeral home directors and transfer licensees, here are process documents from the Chief Coroner for Ontario, which have been shared with hospitals and LTC staff in the webinars.

* EDR Hospital process sheet
* EDR Report Form – Hospital
* EDR in Hospital Webinar presentation
* Messaging – Family Caregiver EDR
* Questions & Answers Hospitals
* Submitting forms to the OCC-OFPS

Long-Term Care (LTC) facilities
* LTC process sheet
* Managing Resident Deaths in LTC – presentation
* Managing Resident Deaths form:
Institutional Patient Death Record & LTC

* Messaging Family Caregiver_MRDR
* Questions & Answers LTC
* Submitting forms to the OCC-OFPS

BAO – EDR chart

BAO COVID-19 Ready…together

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