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COVID-19: Ready…together

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March 17 – Registrar’s Directive: Mask mandate ends Monday
Feb. 28 – Registrar’s Directive: Restrictions on capacity limits are lifted, plus other changes
Feb. 15 – Registrar’s Directive: COVID-19 changes go into place Feb. 17
Jan. 28 – Registrar’s Directive: Updated COVID-19 measures
Jan. 20 – Notice to the Profession: Current Registrar’s Directives remain in place
Jan. 17 – News: BAO adapts its proactive response to ensure sector keeps serving families during Omicron
Jan. 7 – Registrar’s Directive: Crematoriums must prevent backlogs
Jan. 6 – Notice to the Profession: Registrar authorizes colleges to make students available to work
Jan. 4 – Registrar’s Directive: New temporary rules for funeral services


Oct. 26 – Registrar’s Directive: Option for BAO licensees – COVID-19 distancing and capacity limits are not required if all patrons provide proof of vaccination
Sept. 16 – Notice to the Profession: Proof of Vaccination Requirement for Funerals
July 9 – Registrar’s Directive: Capacity limits removed; Physical distancing, mask-wearing requirements remain
June 29 – Reminder: New COVID-19 indoor and outdoor funeral restrictions
June 24 – Registrar’s Directive: New COVID-19 indoor and outdoor funeral restrictions
June 8 – Registrar’s Directive: Funeral services attendance
May 17 – Notice reminder: Cemetery attendance is restricted to 10-max for funeral services only
May 13 – Notice to the Profession: Registrar’s Max-10 Directive still in effect
May 3 – Notice to the Profession & Public:
Cemetery restrictions now and on Mother’s Day

April 16 – Registrar’s Directive: 10 max at funerals in total – indoors or outdoors
April 1 – Registrar’s Directive: Funeral attendance restricted to
15% indoors to a max of 50 people indoors or outdoors
Mar. 16 – Registrar’s Directive: BAO chart revised – some limits adjusted
Mar. 14 – Registrar’s Directive: BAO Grey-Lockdown restrictions revised
Mar. 1 – Government of Ontario Vaccine Rollout letter to the BAO – PDF
Feb. 26 – Notice to the Profession: Reminder of BAO chart;
Thunder Bay & Simcoe-Muskoka moved into Grey-Lockdown

Feb. 9 – Registrar’s Directive: COVID chart returns; adjustments to MEDR
Jan. 19 – BAO supports hospitals in transfer of deceased patients
Jan. 12 – Registrar’s Directive: Modified Expedited Death Response Plan
Jan. 6 – Notice/News Release – Bereavement sector well within capacity in caring for those who have died during pandemic

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