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Notice to Cemetery, Crematorium and Hydrolysis Licensees: The online portal is now open to renew your operator licence (Form 1) and submit your Care & Maintenance Report (Form 2)

In March 2021, we launched our new online ALR reporting for cemetery, crematorium and hydrolysis operators. We understand and appreciate that it has been challenging for some operators, especially those who are not used to working with technology. You will be happy to know we have made some improvements to the online user experience, with even more improvements to come in the next couple of years, as we upgrade our computer system.

How do I access the online portal?

  • Go to our website at thebao.ca.
  • In the top right corner of our main page, click on “Licensee Login.”
  • If you are a First Time Visitor, click on the link provided to obtain a password. On the First Time Visitor page,
    • Enter your “licence #,” which is your seven-digit main organization number (also known as the “licensed operator number”) found in the top right-hand side of your ALR Form 1 and 2.
    • OR:
    • Enter your email address.  If you are having any problems, please call and speak with someone in our Financial Compliance department for assistance.
  • Once back at the Member Portal for Licensed Professionals,
    • Enter your “Username/Licence Number,” which is either your email address or “licence #” mentioned above.
    • Enter your new password.
    • Click on “Login.”
  • Select “Cemetery, Crematorium and Alternative Disposition (Hydrolysis) Operator renewals.”
  • Follow the steps indicated to submit your Licence Renewal – Form 1 and your Report(s) on Care and Maintenance Trust Fund/Account – Form 2.

Licence renewal fee:
Licence renewal fees for this current 2022 renewal year are not affected. The ALR – Form 1 reflects the current renewal fee, which is a $15 base fee, plus $12 per burial/cremation/hydrolysis activity conducted in the reporting year. (The fee is waived if less than 10 interments were conducted during the reporting year.)
As stated in a prior notice: next year, the licensing renewal fee will be a $17.04 base fee, plus $13.63 per burial/cremation/hydrolysis activity conducted in the reporting year.

What is the deadline for submitting my ALR – Form 1 and Report on
Care & Maintenance Trust Fund/Account – Form 2?

ALR – Form 1: Up until now, your ALR – Form 1 has always been due annually within three months of your fiscal year end. This year, for all Cemetery, Crematorium and Hydrolysis (Cem/Crem/AH) operators, we are transitioning to a March 31st licence expiry date. For the 95+% of Cem/Crem/AH operators with a December 31st fiscal year end, your expiry date is already March 31st; therefore, this transition will have no effect on you. For the less than five percent of Cem/Crem/AH operators with a fiscal year end falling somewhere between January to November, you will receive a separate email shortly with more information to help you transition to the March 31st expiry date.  
In summary, all Cem/Crem/AH operators will have to renew their licence annually (i.e. submit their ALR – Form 1) by March 31st, starting this March 2022 and moving forward.

Report on Care & Maintenance Fund/Account – Form 2: The above-mentioned transition affects ALR – Form 1 only. All trust reporting will continue to be due within three months after your fiscal year end. (An audited financial statement for the C&M Fund must also be submitted within six months of the operator’s fiscal year end if total C&M funds exceed $500,000 or the cemetery operator operates a funeral establishment on one or more of its cemeteries.)

We are here to help! Please contact the BAO department or representative indicated below via email or by phone at (647) 483-2645 or toll-free at (844) 493-6356.