Notice to the Profession: Fees increasing for the 2023 Renewal Year – first fee increase in seven years

For the first time in seven years, the Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO) will be increasing its fees for the 2023 licence renewal year.

Licence renewal fees for bereavement sector businesses are based on their prior 12 months of activity (number of deaths registered, cremations, scatterings, or interments).

Licensing fees remain a part of the cost of doing business and are not itemized as a separate item on price lists nor contracts with consumers.

Fees will increase 13.6 per cent, which represents the total of cumulative inflation since the last fee increase by the Board of Funeral Services and Cemetery Regulation Unit in 2014. The rate of inflation is determined by the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

The increase applies to all fees paid by operators and personal licensees to the BAO, which is wholly funded by these fees and not tax dollars.  

It’s important to note that licence renewals for the 2022 renewal year, based on the preceding 12 months including 2021, are not affected.

Why are the fees being increased  

  • As noted above, inflation has increased the costs of running the BAO. Cumulatively, the Consumer Price Index shows that inflation has increased 13.6 percent since 2014 – the date of the last increase.
  • Implementation of Auditor General of Ontario –  Value For Money Audit recommendations has added to the cost of BAO operations, including these initiatives:
    • Modernizing the database system
    • Secret shopping of bereavement sector businesses to monitor and ensure compliance with regulations, directives, and to stop any upselling of products and services to grieving families
    • Increased proactive inspections of bereavement sector businesses 
    • Increasing complaint-handling staff and compliance staff
    • Increased communications and advertising to protect and inform consumers

More information for licensees 

  • FAQ – A list of anticipated frequently asked questions about the fee increase
  • Fee Chart – A chart of sample fee increases across operator licence classes