Notice to FD1, FD2, FPP and TSSR personal licensees: Time to renew your BAO licence

The BAO Licensee portal is now open to renew your Funeral Director – Class 1, Funeral Director Class 2, Funeral Preplanner,  Transfer Service Sales Representative, or Transfer Service Sales Representative (Restricted) licence. 
The BAO reminds you that it’s your responsibility to renew your licence annually by December 31st. The personal licence renewal fee this year is $227.20, which represents a 13.6% inflationary increase, as previously advised. Please renew on time to avoid a late fee (an additional $85.20). 
Also, during the year, please remember to advise the BAO of any changes in your personal information, such as place of work, personal address, email, etc., within 15 days of the change. Simply log into the Licensee portal and update your info, or use the Change of Personal Information form.  
You are eligible to renew online if: 

1. You have a valid Visa or Mastercard; 
2. You have not been criminally charged or found guilty of a criminal offence since the date of your last application; and, 
3. You have no conditions attached to your licence.  

If you have conditions on your licence, you will receive another email shortly with your renewal form attached. If you are ineligible to renew online for any of the other reasons stated above, please contact the BAO at: (647) 483-2645 / 1-844-493-6356 or by email:, so we can email your renewal form to you. 
What if my employer is paying for my licence renewal fee? 
If your employer has applied a payment credit for your individual licence renewal, that does not mean that your licence has been renewed. Once you have received an email from the BAO confirming that a credit has been applied, you will still have to log in to the licensee portal and renew your licence. 
Once you reach the payment section of your online renewal application, select “Individual Renewal Credit” from the “payment type” drop-down list to apply the credit. 

Information on Continuing Education courses: 

Have your course information ready to enter when you renew online. If you find you are lacking fields to enter all the six (6) hours of courses you took, you may add more than one course in a text field. The total number of hours must be at least six (6) before you can proceed. 
You may click here to renew your personal licence.  

Please call 647-483-2645 or 1-844-492-6356 and ask to speak with one of our Licensing Officers, or email