Notice to the Profession: 6 hours of Continuing Education courses are required to renew your personal licence this year

As a reminder, before you renew your personal licence by the December 31, 2022 deadline, you must have completed six (6) hours of approved Continuing Education (Con-Ed) courses.

All approved courses are listed on the Bereavement Education Committee (BEC) website. The BEC site is the continuing education hub for BAO licensees. 

Which personal licensees must complete six hours of Con-Ed? 
The following licence classes must complete six hours of Con-Ed: Funeral Director – Class 1 and 2, Transfer Service Sales Representative and Funeral Preplanner.  
The following licence classes are not required to complete any hours of Con-Ed:  Sales Representative and Transfer Service Sales Representative (Restricted). 

Will courses not listed on the BEC website count toward my six hours?
No courses, seminars, conferences, or events originating from outside of the province or from other associations will qualify for Con-Ed credit, unless they have received the prior approval of the BEC. Licensees should inquire with the course provider to ensure that the education has been approved by the BEC before registering if they intend to use them for Con-Ed credit. 

How many courses should I take in Category A vs. Category B? 
Con-Ed courses will be identified on the BEC website as either Category A – Professional Skills or Category B – Self Care. You can only count up to two hours from Category B toward your total six-hour requirement. However, you could complete all six hours from Category A. 

Can two or more licensees participate in a webinar on the same computer screen together? 
Yes, but only licensees who are registered individually for the webinar will obtain credit. For OACFP and OFSA members, any additional participating member licensees must be registered with the association before the beginning of the webinar, or else the webinar will only count for the individual who initially registered for the course; please visit your association’s website for more information. Similarly, for webinars offered by Humber College, more than one licensee can participate from the same screen, but credit is only given to those who are registered for the webinar.  For webinars offered by any other provider listed on the BEC website, you must check with the course provider for their policy on multiple viewers.  

Does the BAO check to make sure I completed all six hours? 
Yes – the BAO randomly selects a small percentage of licensees and requests proof of completion. You must be able to provide confirmation of course completion in your name, as provided to you by the course provider. We will then confirm the information you provide to us, directly with the course provider. Any licensee caught providing false information about their Con-Ed courses will be subject to disciplinary action.  

Don’t wait until the last minute!
Register for your courses now (if you haven’t already) and give yourself the time to complete the courses before the December 31st deadline. The courses listed on the BEC site include courses offered by OACFP, OFSA, Humber College, Collège Boréal and more. 

When will the licensee portal open for renewals? 
The licensee portal will open on November 1, 2022; on this date, we will email you a link to the portal.  

If I just got my licence this year, do I have to fulfil the Con-Ed requirements? 
No. If you were first licensed in 2022, you don’t have to do any Con-Ed courses this year. We will send new licensees another email shortly with more information. 

For more information on available Con-Ed courses, visit the BEC website. 
If you have any questions, please email: or contact Erica Keess, Licensing and Education Officer, BAO at 647-952-2710 or at  

About the Bereavement Education Committee (BEC)
The Ontario Association of Cemetery and Funeral Professionals (OACFP) and the Ontario Funeral Service Association (OFSA), in consultation with Humber College and Collège Boréal, and the Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO), created the Bereavement Education Committee (BEC) in 2019. 
The BEC developed guidelines to evaluate programs to be considered for continuing education credits for Ontario’s bereavement sector licensees. Businesses, associations, and bereavement sector licenced operators interested in providing relevant continuing education to Ontario bereavement professionals must be accredited by the BEC. 
The BEC is a joint committee of OFSA and OACFP that, in consultation with Humber College, Collège Boréal and the BAO, meets to receive applications from third-party education providers. Applications are reviewed by the committee to ensure content meets continuing education credit requirements, as set by the BAO.