Questions and Answers May 28, 2020 webinar

Here’s a list of questions asked by licensees in texts after the Registrar’s webinar presentation on May 28, 2020.

Q1. What do we do if we see another funeral home not following the directives?

A1. You should tell the BAO. We will address it immediately. Thank you.

Q2. How can cemetery grounds be open to the public, but not mausoleums?

A2. Mausoleums are in small contained spaces, which are not conducive to physical distancing, unlike a cemetery.
Keep in mind also that the maximum number of people who may visit a cemetery together is only five. That maximum at cemeteries increases to 10 only when it is for a gravesite funeral service.

Q3. Does the new directive apply to cemeteries? Is it permitted to rotate 10 people at a time at the gravesite?

A3. No. The Registrar’s Directive of May 26, concerning organized and scheduled groupings of people, only relates to funeral homes.

Q4. If a family can wait in their car at a funeral home, why not at a cemetery?

A4. At the funeral home, there’s a logbook and there is sufficient staff present. That’s quite different from a cemetery. Management of this at a cemetery would not be practical or reasonable for families or operators. It’s all about safety.

Q5. Can you please clarify when surcharges are appropriate?

A5. Please read the Registrar’s Directive on this, as sent to licensees and published on our website on April 30.  

Q6. Do we put restrictions of the funerals or visitations in death notices if we do not put the date, time and place of the funeral?

A6. Yes, always list the restrictions.

Q7. Will funeral homes be required to allow these appointment-based visitations or can we stick to strictly max-10 at one visitation period?

A7. Funeral homes can decide which they prefer to have, single visitations or scheduled groupings of visitations.

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