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Reminder – BAO portal is open for your Annual Licensure Renewal and to submit Care & Maintenance Fund Reports

This is a reminder that the BAO’s online portal is open to renew your operator licence (Annual Licensure Renewal) and submit your Care & Maintenance Fund Report. If you have already renewed your licence and submitted your reports, please disregard this email.

Submission deadlines

Annual Licensure Renewal (ALR) – Form 1: You must renew your operator licence by its expiry date (March 31st, 2024).

Report on Care & Maintenance Fund/Account (C&M) – Form 2: You must submit this report within three months after your fiscal year end. Exception: If your total C&M funds exceed $500,000 or you operate a funeral establishment on one or more of your cemeteries, you are required to submit an audit report for the C&M Fund within six months of your fiscal year end; if this applies to you, you may submit your Form 2 at the same time as your audit.


Please refer to our January 2nd Notice to the Profession for “how-to” instructions and videos.

You may click here to access our Licensee Portal.
Thank you for your diligence and cooperation.

The BAO Licensing and Financial Compliance teams