May 12 webinar extra Q&A

Here are answers to extra questions received from bereavement sector licensees following the BAO’s May 12, 2020 webinar.
For reference here is the presentation made by CEO/Registrar Carey Smith:
BAO – Registrar’s Update PDF.

Q1. We have been asked about installing monuments. Those business are not listed as an essential service by the provincial government. So does that mean they are not allowed at this time?
Cemeteries can make their own decisions about this.

Q2. In regards to burials, we must have enough people to carry a casket safely. How should this be arranged?
Funeral homes need to manage and schedule this in advance with cemeteries. Please remember the maximum number of people in attendance, not counting staff, is 10.

Q3. Is it permitted for cemeteries to charge families overtime fees for weekend burials?
No, it is not appropriate to charge overtime for this.

Q4. Concerning prepaid services, when families opt to delay services until the summer, can we (funeral home) hold funds in these circumstances?
No, you can not hold funds in this circumstance. If the family chooses to delay services, please advise them that additional taxes may be applied at that time.

Q5. When a pre-need contract becomes at-need and involves a family’s request to defer services, can the temporary surplus of trust funds be handled as spring burial funds? (Meaning the funds are held in a separate account until they are required.)
Yes, as long as they are held in a prepaid trust account.

Q6. Is cemetery maintenance essential (i.e. grass cutting)?
Yes. Maintenance should be done to ensure safety at the property.

Q7. If a customer paid in good faith prior to HST, when making a new contract with a new program, are we able to charge GST only?
No. If you write a new contract, the taxes at that time are applicable.

Q8. Can other doctors utilize the Expedited Death Response (EDR) process for house calls or other locations that are not long-term care (LTC) facilities or hospitals?
No. The EDR applies only to LTC and hospitals.

Q9. Are the original executed Form 16s forwarded to funeral homes after the electronic version?
Yes, they are.

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