10 is still the max

June 9, 2020

All COVID-19 restrictions and BAO Registrar’s Directives remain in place, until further notice.

The maximum number of visitors at a funeral service, visitation and burial remains at 10, regardless of the location. 

This Registrar’s Directive clarifies for the bereavement sector and the public that 10 is the maximum number of visitors allowed at a funeral/visitation/burial regardless of location, inside or outside, including an event centre, private club, park, cemetery, church, mosque, synagogue and any religious locations. 

If a funeral is conducted in a place of worship, the maximum number of people allowed is 10, notwithstanding the “30% capacity rule” otherwise for places of worship. We have confirmed that the Registrar’s Directive is consistent with the Premier’s Office announcement of June 8. 

The maximum number of 10 includes family, visitors, clergy/officiant and anyone other than funeral staff.

This Directive is issued to ensure everyone knows that the 10-max Directive is still in place as Ontario enters its reopening phases. This Directive remains in place until further notice. 

Thank you.

-Carey Smith, CEO/Registrar