Registrar rescinds prohibition on in-person witnessing at cremations

June 15, 2020

The Registrar’s Directives regarding witnessing and scheduled holds of cremations are rescinded effective immediately.

The rescindment refers to the April 21 ‘In-Person Witnessing at Cremations Prohibited’ and the April 22 ‘Addendum to: In-Person Witnessing at Cremations Prohibited’.

Witnessing may now occur with attendees’ numbers limited to 30 per cent of the facilities permitted occupancy rating reduced by physical distancing requirements of two metres of separation among people.

The April 21-22 directives have served their purpose and are no longer necessary. The BAO’s recent survey of crematorium operators has demonstrated that the operators are able to safely accommodate witnessing and scheduled holds with the current demand on capacity. (Pushing of a button to start the cremation will also again be permitted.)

Crematorium operators may add restrictions for their facilities. 

-Carey Smith, CEO/Registrar