Bereavement sector continues to adapt to the persistent and changing pandemic

Registrar’s Message / Beyond magazine

By Carey Smith, CEO & Registrar, BAO

Once steeped in tradition, professionals in Ontario’s bereavement sector have demonstrated their ability to adapt to changing restrictions in a still-evolving pandemic.

Now approaching 20 months into COVID-19 safety restrictions, change has become the defining strength of people licensed to serve grieving families at funerals, cemeteries, crematoriums and hydrolysis facilities.

Families have placed their trust in the bereavement sector. They demonstrated this by following the rules on the hardest days of their lives – grieving the loss of family and friends.

Annual Report

The Bereavement Authority of Ontario’s Annual Report 2020/21 reflects how we built this trust with families and within our industry in a time like no other. (Read page 20 of the BAO Annual Report for the CEO/Registrar’s COVID-19 Report.)