Registrar’s Notice: Essential Workplaces

Bereavement sector is on government’s Essential Workplaces list

March 23, 2020

Tonight the Ontario government announced its list of Essential Workplaces, and we’re on it.

The bereavement sector and any related goods and products are listed as essential (number 66), as are administrative authorities such as the BAO (number 74).

Now that this has been announced, I will be reinforcing to government our sector’s need for personal protective equipment (PPE) and supplies in the bereavement sector. Let’s also fully realize that such supplies, including PPE, are in short supply for hospitals and all sectors right now.

I will be in touch with more information tomorrow and continually as the COVID-19 pandemic impacts our province, country and the world.

Continue practising your precautions, as per my earlier message today and in previous days.

As always, the BAO’s website has this information at the ready for you.

-Carey Smith, CEO/Registrar, BAO